Modern Slavery Statement 2022

At Sun Beat Hemp, we are committed to upholding ethical business practices and maintaining a supply chain that is free from any form of modern slavery or human trafficking. We strongly condemn these violations of human rights and are dedicated to taking proactive measures to ensure that our operations and supply chain are transparent, responsible, and aligned with our values.

Our Approach:

  1. Supplier Due Diligence: We conduct thorough due diligence on our suppliers to ensure that they share our commitment to human rights, fair labor practices, and ethical business conduct. This includes assessing their policies, procedures, and practices regarding modern slavery and human trafficking.
  2. Supplier Code of Conduct: We have implemented a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines our expectations regarding labor standards, human rights, and ethical business practices. We require all our suppliers to adhere to this code and demonstrate their commitment to combating modern slavery.
  3. Training and Awareness: We provide training and awareness programs for our employees and key stakeholders to educate them about the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking. This ensures that they understand the importance of identifying, preventing, and reporting any concerns or suspicious activities.
  4. Risk Assessment: We conduct regular risk assessments to identify and address any potential areas of vulnerability within our supply chain. This enables us to take proactive measures to mitigate the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  5. Whistleblowing Policy: We have established a whistleblowing policy that encourages our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to report any concerns related to modern slavery or human trafficking. We treat all reports with the utmost confidentiality, and appropriate action will be taken in response to any substantiated allegations.

Future Commitments:

We recognize that eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking is an ongoing effort. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we will:

  1. Collaborate: We will collaborate with industry peers, organizations, and experts to share best practices, knowledge, and resources in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.
  2. Monitor and Audit: We will regularly monitor and audit our supply chain to assess compliance with our standards and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Engage Suppliers: We will engage and communicate with our suppliers to promote awareness, transparency, and accountability, encouraging them to adopt responsible practices throughout their operations.
  4. Review and Update: We will periodically review and update our policies, procedures, and training programs to ensure they remain effective and aligned with evolving industry standards and legal requirements.

Responsibility and Accountability:

The responsibility for combating modern slavery and human trafficking lies with every individual within Sun Beat Hemp. Our leadership team is committed to ensuring the effective implementation of our anti-slavery measures and will allocate the necessary resources to support these efforts.

Reporting Suspected Cases:

If you have any concerns or suspicions regarding modern slavery or human trafficking related to Sun Beat Hemp or our supply chain, we encourage you to report them immediately. Please contact us at [email protected], and your report will be treated with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality.

Review and Publication:

This Modern Slavery Statement is reviewed annually and will be published on our website to ensure transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

Website: Visit our website at for more information about our commitment to ethical business practices and responsible sourcing.

Date of Last Update: This Modern Slavery Statement was last updated on 26-7-2023.